My name is Andrea and I have IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME.

After many failed tryouts of litters of chamomile and peppermint teas to calm down my poor gut, and many, many hours of online research, it hit me: I was eating myself sick. Bread, coffee, yummy ice cream… and even the more innocent looking offenders such as garlic and onion, and apples… they were all battling it out from INSIDE my stomach. I felt defeated, and sad. I was looking at a bland lifetime membership to the plain chicken and plain steamed potato club of doomness (which by the way, I’ve sustained almost okay for two whole weeks)…

And then, VOILA. I came across IBS-Free at Last! Second Edition. Change Your Carbs, Change Your Life with the FODMAP Elimination Diet by Patsy Catsos, MS, RD, LD. Free at Last is the first self-help book to covers the use of low FODMAPs as a diet for IBS. In layman (or laywoman) terms, the book is a great and detailed explanation of why blueberries are OK, but an apple will seem like a monster is kicking your insides.

LOW FODMAP COOKING is a humble list and collection of the good and tried recipes and grocery-bought snacks and low FODMAP products. Everyone is very different, and what seems right to me, might not be right to you. I can eat pretty much any cheese, but I can only drink almond or rice milk, and not in large quantities. You’ll see sometimes I use a whole egg, which is technically wrong, but I can stomach it (yes, pun intended).

And, finally, if you have any recipe suggestions or ideas, or products you found at a mostly regular store, please share them!

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  1. Thanks for following pleasepasstherecipe. I too have IBS and have been following the FODMAP diet for about 6 months. Monash university here in Melbourne has been doing ground breaking work examining foods that affect those who have our condition. They are constantly updating their dietary recommendations and now listing foods previously banned are OK if eaten in small quantities. You’ll find my recipes are suitable for your diet or can be readily adapted. I look forward to following your journey too. 😀

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